EQT acquires leading online real estate platform idealista from Apax – Allen & Overy

A team of A&O lawyers across Madrid and London have advised global investment organisation EQT on the acquisition of leading Spanish property listing site idealista from global private equity firm Apax.

EQT acquires leading online real estate platform idealista from Apax - Allen & Overy



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idealista Reviews

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idealista Reviews

I was interested in a property advertised on Idealista. I first inquired via Idealista in Dec 2020. I had no response from the agent and there were no alternative contact details available, so I sent another enquiry via Idealista. Four enquiries later and coming down in the price offered, mainly to hopefully get at least some kind of response, this is the response I got from the agent:Dear Miss,we are not selling fish ….We can negotiate on the price, but before buying you must come to the place, see the property and the land, you are not buying 2 ounces of ham, I want to know my customers.I specify one thing: in Italy we have laws relating to the sale that must be respected, for example the Notary is the only one who can draw up and register a deed of sale, the state imposes the registration tax, the real estate agent has the right to his fee …This is the first response I’ve had after five months of trying…. so much for wanting to know his customer. No wonder this property is still on the market.The agent is:Marilisa FerroM.L. FERROCASE NO PROBLEMVia Paolo Boselli 12/10 – 17100 Savona (SV)Cell: 340.246.6639 – 347.710.3827I am asking Idealista to please inform the sellers of this property about the disrespectful manner in which their representative agent is behaving. Also that prospective buyers are warned on each advert placed by this agent, of the unprofessional behaviour of this agent, so it reflects on the agent, not Idealista, and so that we know not to waste our time with this agent.Thank you!!

son unos ladronesIDEALISTA solo quiere dinero , nada mas.A mi personalmente nadie me paga por comentar eso aquí, ni soy de la competencia en el es nada gratis particularmente, tambien exigen el pago para los propietarios particulares, en mi caso , publico un anuncio para vender mi propiedad en madrid.ojo, solo dejar publicar de forma gratuita un anuncio particular para 7 dias, luego ya te exigen el pago.en el futuro ya no habra particulares que publican sus anuncios en idealista.y he estado en una agencia en mi barrio, por si puede ayudarme para vender mi propiedad, y publicarla en han dicho que ya no tienen idealista para publicar. Porque ¿? Han dicho que ya no aguantan mas el alto coste de idealista, concretamente la subida excesiva de su cuota, el precio que aplica idealista.Desventajas, un monton , 1. mismo inmueble publicado por 20 agencias diferentes, en algun caso, 30 agencias, aquí qué agencia será la afortunada,2. Alto precio por usar idealista.3. Demasiada competencia entre diferentes agencias.4. Poca seriedad.5. Imposibilidad de negociar el precio con idealista, idealista fija el precio que quiera.EN FIN , NADA RECOMENDABLE, REPITO NADA RECOMENDABLE TANTO PARA PARTICULARES COMO LOS PROFESIONALES.they are some thiefs IDEALIST only wants money, nothing more. Nobody pays me personally to comment it here, I am not the competition in the sector. It is nothing particularly free, they also require payment for private owners, in my case, I publish an ad to sell my property in Madrid. be careful, just let a particular ad be published for free for 7 days, then they already demand payment. in the future there will no longer be individuals who publish their ads on idealista. and I have been in an agency in my neighborhood, in case you can help me to sell my property, and publish it in idealista. They have told me that they no longer have an idealist to publish. why ? They have said that they can no longer bear the high price of idealista, specifically the excessive rise in their quota, the price that idealista applies. Disadvantages, a lot, 1. same property published by 20 different agencies, in some case, 30 agencies, here which agency will be the lucky one, 2. High price for using idealist. 3. Too much competition between different agencies. 4. Little seriousness. 5. Impossibility of negotiating the price with idealista, idealista fixes the price they want. FINALLY, I DO NOT RECOMMENDED TO ANYONE, I REPEAT NOT RECOMMENDED FOR PRIVATE OWNERS AND PROFESSIONALS.

We used Idealista to rent a property in Porto for four months during COVID. The property description was accurate, however the rental experience was terrible, with very little responsibility on part of the management agency (not Idealista). The problem with Idealista is that there is no feedback, comments, or ratings possible for the rental experience. In other words, if you have a great experience or a terrible experience, you cannot leave feedback on Idealista. Therefore you cannot have any idea about the trustworthiness of the rental agency or owner that you are contacting. Idealista needs a feedback mechanism to join the ‘real world’ of responsible property websites. Two stars.

I found a property via idealista and sent 900.00 euro as a deposit. The money was stolen and I now have had to make a full criminal investigation in Spain and the U. KBe warned do not trust idealista as they take no responsibility and there is no ay to contact them to notify them of a scam in order for them to close down a fraudulent listing.

Tried to talk to someone called GREG WARNUM PROPERTIES regarding a 2 month let on a villa got a really rude reply about not reading the description properly,not someone I will be recommending anytime soon,some attitude.Idealista generally really good apart from this rude man GREG WARNUM PROPERTIES

They blocked my account saying that there is nor enough documents provided. I sent documents, emailed and called them – THEY DONT SPEAK ENGLISH!!! Such a fun website.

Absolute junk and full of scam properties which don’t even exist, trust me I’ve contacted over 50 of them!. I’ve spent the past 2 weeks contacting properties on Idealista and they are all either listed with a monthly price which isn’t the real price or the advertisers want to take big cash payments from you like I’m going to hand over cash with the hope that they won’t run off with my money. Needles to say I haven’t paid these strangers any cash! Reported false prices to Idealista who wasn’t concerned whatsoever. Idealista is basically a holiday let website where you may be able to rent for a week or 2 at an extortionate price but for long term serious renters, don’t waste your time.

Idealista is full of scam properties where people ask you to contact them privately rather than through Idealista. They then take multiple deposits from people for a property that does not exist. If you complain to Idealista about this you will get a generic email stating that no guidelines have been breached. Beware!!! Don’t assume that this website is policing the scam artists because it isn’t and there is no effort to do so even when you point out the people who are scamming genuine tenants.

Not an ideal interface, but I do recommend this site as it’s the best website to use to find an room in Spain and has the most options.

Apax buys controlling stake in idealista, reportedly valuing the company at €150 million – Novobrief

Private equity firm Apax Partners has acquired a controlling stake in Spanish real estate website idealista.

Apax buys controlling stake in idealista, reportedly valuing the company at €150 million - Novobrief

idealista has received investment from private equity firm Apax Partners, providing liquidity to previous investors such as Bonsai Venture Capital, Tiger Global and Kutxabank.


Different growth stages need different investors, and it seems as if Apax Partners is the right firm to help Spanish real estate website idealista in its next phase.

Late Friday night idealista announced that the NYC and London-based private equity firm had agreed to buy most of the company, acquiring the stakes owned by Tiger Global Capital, Bonsai Venture Capital and Kutxabank.

Prior to the deal, these three firms owned about 46% of the company, with idealista’s co-founders (Jesus Encinar, Fernando Encinar and Cesar Oteiza) and the company itself owning all remaining shares. We understand that the founding team now controls about 30% of the classifieds business, with the rest belonging to Apax Partners.

According to El Confidencial, idealista is now valued at €150 million, up from €100 million last year. idealista’s founding team declined to provide any specifics on the company’s valuation.

Asked about the timing of the deal, Fernando Encinar told us that both Tiger and Kutxabank had requested help to find an exit. “This happens all the time in this type of deals”, Fernando says. “In the case of Tiger, it is the nature of hedge funds and private equity firms, and Kutxabank needed to disinvest part of their industrial equity portfolio”

Apax is not new to Spain, having participated in deals involving Vueling, ZED (which owns about 30% of 24symbols) or Jazztel. The firm was founded in 1969 as a result of the merger between funds started by three renown investors, Sir Ronald Cohen and Maurice Tchénio (in London) and Alan Patricof (New York).

Since the mid-2000s the company has slightly changed its focus to invest in mature and growth companies, abandoning its Venture Capital roots. One of its latest deals as a pure VC firm was also one of its most successful ones: in 2005 it invested $35 million in mobile gaming company, obtaining a return of +1,000% when the Dublin-based company went public last year.

Apax had previously invested in other classifieds business such as Soufun, Autotrader, Trader Corporation or

Founded in 2000 by the Encinar brothers and Cesar Oteiza, idealista has become the leading online real estate classifieds business in Spain. The company also operates in Italy and Portugal. In 2013 it had revenue of €30 million and an operating profit of €8 million. 50% of idealista’s traffic is mobile.

This healthy financial position has allowed the company to make investments in other similar businesses like (owning 15% of the company founded by Vitamina K’s Iñaki Arrola since 2011), Habitania (45%, now called idealista tools), TerceroB (35%) and to fully acquire Rentalia in 2012 (Marta Esteve, François Derbaix).

Novobrief understands that idealista and Apax Partners had been in negotiations for months and signed the final agreement on Friday evening. The deal is pending approval from the CNMC.

“We are more excited right now about the future of the company than we were 15 years ago”, Fernando says. “This deal will makes things easier for us, since we now have one main shareholder instead of three”.

The 300-person company’s current executive team will continue to lead the business in this new phase.

“I don’t see myself working at a different company or sitting on my couch thinking about what to build next. We don’t think much is going to change and Apax’s expertise in growth companies will be key in idealista’s future”, Fernando concluded.

Jaime Novoa is the Founder of Novobrief.

He is a technology writer turned investor at Madrid’s K Fund. He was also a data analyst at

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